Sunday, May 13, 2018

"Sundays and Holidays"

     The American economy has changed in the past 30 years since my days as a child, the way business has worked has changed. The online shopping evolution has made 24-hour shopping much easier and more appealing, but the biggest thing that concerned me in recent years is that more and more business seems to want to be open on Sundays and Holidays. I have heard people talk about the days in the past when businesses were closed on Sunday and there was what was called “The Three Retail Holidays”—Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. There used to be a rule in business and some laws in the books that have been long ignored over time that prohibited any business on Sundays, maybe we need to have that rule in place again because the current American workforce obsession with productivity and moving up in the workforce to the point we have become a workaholic culture where people are determined to make enough money by working as many as two, three, or four jobs that can result in long term health conditions being caused on the worker. Another problem caused by time away from loved ones is because of the need for making enough money or the desire to succeed to the point one has taken the sports method of overdoing it. This is why we sorely need to require no business to be conducted on Sundays and Holidays, so we can spend time with our loved ones.

      I think our industry and commerce needs to actually take the importance of being with their loved ones rather than try to squeeze out more profits at the expense of the workers who have families to be with or loved ones, I worked jobs where they required all workers to work Sundays and holidays and in my honest opinion is not cool, workers already spend 360 plus days at work and need time to enjoy the holidays no matter what faith you are. The idea of being closed on the three core holidays was a staple in everyday life, like when Black Friday was on Friday. In my youth, Black Friday started at 5am Friday morning because businesses used to respect having their employees with their families on the holidays and long before my time, business were closed on Sunday. I know that some people wished places were open on Sunday, but maybe having everything closed for one day out of the week and closed on key holidays is necessary to get everything stable again. If banks and other certain businesses closed on Sunday and Holidays, a lot of other businesses should too because time away from work can help ease people’s minds and show that employers care about their employees.

      I think our society should show that working on the three big holidays like business used should be shown in force that working on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is no longer profitable by not doing any business on those days. Do not shop, go out to eat, or any kind of business unless you are an athlete, hospital worker, first responder, transporter, or convenience store worker, no one should be working on those three holidays, other holidays are not important because they have their core markets on some of the little-known holidays. Some places have profitable holidays that are not the big three holidays. Also no one should be required to work all holidays, we spend almost an entire year with our coworkers, people need time with their families and loved ones.

      I understand that there are people in the workforce who celebrate different holidays then most of the other people as well as different Sabbaths which should be respected in the workforce and at any employer. There needs to be a balance that can reduce the stress in any work space either inside their own home or outside. Some people in the workforce are deeply religious and that with the Sabbath and their holidays need to be practiced like Jews not working on Saturdays, Christians on Sundays, and Friday for Muslims. There was times I had thought about asking some of my employers who are Muslim "Why are you working during your holy time?".


  1. When I was a kid, I was frustrated that we couldn't go shopping on Sundays. Now, I wish we could go back to everything being closed on Sundays so families had the day to be together and go to church.

    We need that.

  2. Businesses don't care about anything but the bottom line.


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