Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"Overworking and the problem with spending too much time working."

Taking some of the examples of my past blog about the importance of being off Sunday’s and Holidays, we need to talk about how we devolved to become success obsessed people in the workforce and spend their time working so much that they don’t go home to their families and is one of the prime culprit in divorces is being away from their loved ones. Why do we become obsessed with our own success that we abandon the people we settle with, maybe the Millennials have decided to not get attached to other people and settle down like they did 50-60 years ago? In the past we focused on a balance of work, play, and sleep (8 hours work, 8 hours free, and 8 hours sleep) given balance to slip the sleep in between play, that play includes spending time with their families. Work-Life Balance needs to be a centerpiece of any workforce because one can succeed without spending all their lives working to the point they have to go into a twelve-step program for workaholics.

The idea of having that kind of balance is necessary to the stability of the family life, we had a very low divorce rate during the days of the baby boomers and the rates rose over time because of so many other factors, but one factor that I believe is a factor in the later decades has been the time away from families to where someone is working two or three jobs and spending most of their time working because of the need to succeed,  success can be done in a smaller amount of time and one person working constantly to the point all they do is work and sleep. People need something to do between work and sleep that is not work and people who do not have lives outside of work really need to have something to have fun. Taking a lesson from the movie The Shining is one of the most notable lines some businesses need to take heart even in a logic filled business environment— “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, the efforts to be successful is more than just being obsessive about work, but that same obsession over work may not be voluntary because of the low pay they have to work 2 full time or up to 4 part time jobs just to make enough for one good paying full time job. In some worse case scenarios, people work themselves into madness because they only work. I know that feeling because during a desperate time, I worked as much as I can to the point work was the escape. I was part of the problem by willing to work on holidays just to get by.

I want people to take the time and find the benefits of limiting your work time to make the balance of life-work-sleep can make people better in the world. The Europeans are take the work life balance idea very seriously, the Spanish already do that because they take the balance of the three very seriously in society. Another issue that some people might face with and a workaholic might enjoy a lot is Mandatory Overtime, which I strongly oppose because it would be taken as forced labor. No worker should be forced to worked overtime at all, working overtime should be voluntarily, never forced. We have become more about the pursuit of wealth and embraced a vain existence. We as Americans spend too much time working because of either a maddening obsession of success by working too much or we have become so desensitized to the play and sleep part of the balance that people never take any vacations, none ever ask if they get a vacation, some even go to another temporary job during their vacation.

A person’s life should not be all work, limit the workload to 6-8 hours a day and allow enough time in between for a thirty-minute nap with an hour-long lunch (don’t forget the 15-minute breaks.) working too much with any breaks. Speaking of overworking in a sector is trucking, that has one of the biggest incidents of overworking in any sector because the Long-Distance Truck Drivers are usually alone and given deadlines that are sometimes impossible because of unforeseen incidents like traffic accidents and fatigue.

How do we solve this? Well, as for the stationary workers in a workplace like the restaurant industry, breaks should be mandatory during the work shift and require employers to give a break during the work day and a lunch break for the workers, so they can eat at the right time of the day for lunch. Letting minimum wage workers especially in food service jobs that have a lunch break will make the worker stay longer in longevity because giving a break to the workers on a regular basis will give more than time to eat, it will give them time to relax and de-stress from a potentially hectic work day, but for the Long Distance Truck Drivers, there needs to be some needs to be address if the deliver time frame has no time allowed for breaks, lunches, dinners, restroom stops, and sleep. There needs to be two truck drivers in each truck, each driving no more than 12 hours a day and switch out on a regular basis during their trips as well as allowing time for food breaks plus the second driver can serve as navigator and planner in case of any issues that may arise during the trip. That way one driver can get some sleep and ret while the other driver does the driving. Lack of rest and relaxation has made our entire workforce and country a dull one.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

"Sundays and Holidays"

     The American economy has changed in the past 30 years since my days as a child, the way business has worked has changed. The online shopping evolution has made 24-hour shopping much easier and more appealing, but the biggest thing that concerned me in recent years is that more and more business seems to want to be open on Sundays and Holidays. I have heard people talk about the days in the past when businesses were closed on Sunday and there was what was called “The Three Retail Holidays”—Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. There used to be a rule in business and some laws in the books that have been long ignored over time that prohibited any business on Sundays, maybe we need to have that rule in place again because the current American workforce obsession with productivity and moving up in the workforce to the point we have become a workaholic culture where people are determined to make enough money by working as many as two, three, or four jobs that can result in long term health conditions being caused on the worker. Another problem caused by time away from loved ones is because of the need for making enough money or the desire to succeed to the point one has taken the sports method of overdoing it. This is why we sorely need to require no business to be conducted on Sundays and Holidays, so we can spend time with our loved ones.

      I think our industry and commerce needs to actually take the importance of being with their loved ones rather than try to squeeze out more profits at the expense of the workers who have families to be with or loved ones, I worked jobs where they required all workers to work Sundays and holidays and in my honest opinion is not cool, workers already spend 360 plus days at work and need time to enjoy the holidays no matter what faith you are. The idea of being closed on the three core holidays was a staple in everyday life, like when Black Friday was on Friday. In my youth, Black Friday started at 5am Friday morning because businesses used to respect having their employees with their families on the holidays and long before my time, business were closed on Sunday. I know that some people wished places were open on Sunday, but maybe having everything closed for one day out of the week and closed on key holidays is necessary to get everything stable again. If banks and other certain businesses closed on Sunday and Holidays, a lot of other businesses should too because time away from work can help ease people’s minds and show that employers care about their employees.

      I think our society should show that working on the three big holidays like business used should be shown in force that working on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is no longer profitable by not doing any business on those days. Do not shop, go out to eat, or any kind of business unless you are an athlete, hospital worker, first responder, transporter, or convenience store worker, no one should be working on those three holidays, other holidays are not important because they have their core markets on some of the little-known holidays. Some places have profitable holidays that are not the big three holidays. Also no one should be required to work all holidays, we spend almost an entire year with our coworkers, people need time with their families and loved ones.

      I understand that there are people in the workforce who celebrate different holidays then most of the other people as well as different Sabbaths which should be respected in the workforce and at any employer. There needs to be a balance that can reduce the stress in any work space either inside their own home or outside. Some people in the workforce are deeply religious and that with the Sabbath and their holidays need to be practiced like Jews not working on Saturdays, Christians on Sundays, and Friday for Muslims. There was times I had thought about asking some of my employers who are Muslim "Why are you working during your holy time?".

"Guns and Irresponsibility"

         How many more people must suffer like 17 students in Parkland on Valentine’s Day? Now is the time to talk about guns and responsibility.
         There has been a hot debate sine the events of Parkland and just recently what happened outside of YouTube headquarters just this past week, the debate about Guns and Weapons heated up again but the issue may be more than just about the presence of guns, but the lack of responsibility when it comes to guns and weapons. This is not about the need for comprehensive gun control to make sure that such deadly weapons do not fall in the hands of the wrong people, but to educate the people who plan or already have guns and rifles in their ownership to express adamant responsibility for a deadly weapon.

        The prevalence of firearms in the civilian population market does indeed have the understanding that some of the safeguards used to check who is eligible to purchase a firearm should also have to undergo training with a firearm with a police observer to make sure that the purchase is responsible for the ownership of the firearm, registering a firearm to a owner should be like the ownership of a car, the person who’s name on the registration should be wholly responsible and equally responsible for the use of the firearm should it be used in a crime or criminal action. The concept of gun show sales should be prohibited, but guns shows themselves to show and advertise their firearms is perfectly fine because the companies do need to show the latest weapons for public purchase from licensed firearm retailers and display vintage weapons like WWII era weapons. The private sale as well as cracking down on black market weapon sales should be outlawed outside of a licensed retailer and if they wanted to sell a weapon between two individual parties, it should be done in a weapon store under the supervision of police officer or at a police station where a background check can be done on site…like they do for Craigslist purchases between two in person parties.

        The lack of responsibility for a deadly weapon like a gun or rifle in society by brandishing them is risky in most situations where people gather that may not have a weapon as well as the intentions of the handler might be questionable because each person has their own intention or could be associated with a group that is hostile towards certain groups of people, but proper training and psych profile is needed when background checks are conducted. As for Former Justice Stevens statement about maybe needing to repeal the Second Amendment, that may not be necessary unless the level of irresponsibility becomes just blatant negligence and even more people are victims of gun violence starts to skyrocket in every part of the country, but sensible gun laws, strict checks on buyers, and have all sales public and private only be allowed to take effect in gun shops. By only allowing sales in licensed gun shops, we can make sure the person buying the gun or rifle is authorized by law enforcement to handle a weapon.

       As for the violence involving guns, it is time to stop placing the blame on other factors like video games and the weapons themselves. Guns are not living breathing human beings, they are deadly weapons that have the effect of taking lives in the wrong hands. We have lost too many lives due to gun violence at the hands of people who should not have the weapons to begin with. Some have placed the value of their weapons over the lives of other human beings. Since when did a weapon have more of a right to exist than our children?

       Speaking of irresponsibility with guns is the guy who shot four people in Waffle House was supposed to not have any weapons and his own father gave him his weapon back, therefore we must reflect on the responsibility of firearms. Holding the father equally responsible for the use of the firearm his son should have never has is the best course of action by the law enforcement and legal professionals who may have come to realize the only way we can deal with gun violence by holding the person who committed the crime and the person who owns the firearm responsible for the crime.
Another thing to make people safe in public is to ban the presence of firearms on anyone other than law enforcement and military. No one should be carrying with an assault rifle in the general public, try concealing an assault rifle under your clothes. Not Easy.

"Overworking and the problem with spending too much time working."

Taking some of the examples of my past blog about the importance of being off Sunday’s and Holidays, we need to talk about how we devolved...